Bearing Power Speed By Uzi Company

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Bearing Power Speed  By Uzi Company



Uzi Bearing Precision  power speed


Developed for donwhill and extreme free ride, powerful spacers are integrated and developed to avoid lateral loads when used in high competition, you should not use washers,  boths shields are detachable with the intention of making possible an perfect cleaning after each use,

double seal. We only recommend using the external shield. Metalic shields are victims of nuts ajustment that stops free bearing, we thought of detachable shields as a solution for that. It prolongs bearing life, We spare one for each bearing.

Always remember to keep bearings perfectly clean, only use water and soap for shields (avoid other liquids wich will erode the rubber).


Keeping bearings perfectly lubricated garantees longer life.

Are ready to fly? 

Enjoy Life, be happy and skate with pasion!!!