Palm Tree Deck

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Measures: 46 X 9.75 INCHES (1168.40 MM X 247.65 MM)

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It is the model of Ky Sygni with the classic carvear shape. It has concave and convex. The shape well surf allows us to slide on the asphalt as if we were on top of a wave.

If you like carving this is the indicated board, since in speed it responds very well, it has an excellent grip which allows us to skid to control speed on a slope.

The Palm Tree Road is a very versatile board, suitable both for a quiet Freestyle or "dancing" as well as to chop maneuvers and perform jumps. Excellent for maneuvers such as "hand five", "hand ten", "Pop Shovit", etc.

Highly recommended for a first table. Built in one version, 5 bamboo / maple plates.