MS3 Black Deck

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Measurements: 35.4x 9.85 INCHES (90.00 MM X 25.00 MM)

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The MS / 3 BLACK is a table designed for speed. We can find comfort, stability and good grip, essential characteristics in a speed table.

It has the system of variable axes ", from 28.3 to 29.5 inches, It also has a soft and precise 3 D concave with sharp edges, plus a grip tape (sandpaper) of coarse grain, which will allow us a greater grip and security when we accelerate and turn up the table. All developed from beginning to end in 3D, mechanized automatically by numerical control.

The fundamental characteristic of this deck is its wide support surface, with its 35.4 inches long, 9.85 inches wide, we have enough space for our front foot to enter the entire table and we can pivot using the entire surface of the same.

Another quality of the table is its rigidity, the difference in its materials,

 It is made of 9 layers of cold-pressed CANADIAN DE MAPLE resulting in a board that is more resistant to walking and shocks.