Black Mamba Green Deck

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Measures: 34.8x9.47 INCHES (885.6MM X 241.11 MM)

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Developed and designed for the four-time Downhill world champion skatebording and Toronto 2016 speed record.

Carlos Paixao (GUTO NEGAO) our Black Mamba from the Amazon.

Deck built with the highest technology on the market, ultra light, extremely resistant and rigid, water resistant, with directional bamboo core, coated with triaxial fibers and urethane edges.

Machined in control number of enviable accuracy, designed entirely in 3d, it has a mixed concave that delivers a high performance in a very natural, smooth, exact and efficient way.

We give rein to perfection, the deck chosen by the best 10 riders in the world, gives us a huge pride in being able to help the high competition with our developments.